Travelodge is a Way to the Most Life has to Offer

This was my third year in The University of Edinburgh, Glasgow, completing my bachelors with economics as my majors. These three years were the toughest time period I have ever spent in my life. My parents appreciated every effort I made as I lived away from home in the women hostel and had a part time job to support myself in every best possible way. Though my parents helped me in every way they can still I never wanted to be a liability.

Two days back my mum called me to book an apartment as my parents were coming in the city for a week time period and they wanted me to spend that time with them. This was good news for me as I get to spend some time with my parents. My roommate suggested me to Visit this site as they were offering Travelodge discount codes which could keep things quite within my budget as I wanted to finance this trip for my parents. I saved some amount and according to me this was the best way to spend it.

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I started searching the site and it was a new experience for me to go through it. The apartments, hotels and lodges offered by them were appreciating ones. I booked an apartment near my university so that I don’t have to waste time travelling while I took a week off from my work which was easily given to me as I was a regular worker.

Travelodge made me avail the best furnished place with discount which made me save on the budget I had…

I took my parents direct to the apartment from the airport and when my mum entered she was a bit angry at me for spending so much and wasting my hard earned money, but when I told her the amount which this apartment cost me, she was quite relieved. I was myself amazed with the facilities provided in the apartment.

I was so happy to spend whole week with my parents as I really missed my mother’s cooking and now she was there to make me eat all those heavenly tasting food she cooked herself. Dad was happy as he got the balcony with a great view where he could sit and read the newspaper. My mother was happy to see me and papa being relaxed away from the hard routine we continued with.

Our stay together was very comforting one and we all enjoyed it to its full as well. We even went for the dinner at the French restaurant which cost a lot but my mum has a desire to have dinner in a lavish French restaurant which I fulfilled this time. She was over excited with joy on witnessing her dream come true.

This week was filled with wonders as we all enjoyed a lot and experienced what we have been looking out for in our lives. All thanks goes to Travelodge promo codes which let me have the potential to make my parents have what they have ever dreamed of.


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